Pious Association

The parishioners of this church are involved in various Pious Associations namely Legion of Maria, Vincent-De-Paul, Prayer Group, Youth Groups, Basic Christian Communities  (Anbians) etc. The member of these associations take part voluntarily in all church articles and ritual. Legion of Maria help in keeping the church and its campus clean. Vincent-De-Paul is a group which shares the love of Christ by helping the poor and needy. To organise spiritual meeting and guidance the prayer group plays a vital part. Youth group renders selfless service in every aspects of Church activities.

1. Parish Council

2. Liturgy group

3. Altar Boys Association

4. Legion of Mary (Seniors)

5. Legion of Mary (Juniors)

6. ‘Friends of Jesus’ Prayer group

7. ‘Friends of Jesus’ Youth group for boys

8. ‘Friends of Jesus’ Youth group for girls

9. Vincent De Paul Society

10. Catechism Family (Catechism Teachers)

11. Monthly Magazine committee

12. ‘Rosary’ Cultural Committee