Presentation Convent

The Presentation Convent of Indian Nuns was founded at Karumathampatty by Fr. Ravel on 21st November, 1853. The origin of the institution was as humble as the birth place of our Saviour.

A young girl Saveriammal of Karumathampatty wished to consecrate her life to the service of God and expressed her desire to Fr. Ravel. Her good disposition and true vocation to religion life made Fr. Ravel to ensure that God was giving him an opportunity to start a religions congregation for Indian Nuns. After deep consideration advice and prayer he decided to admit her as a postulant. On 21st November, she was accommodated near the Church of Karumathampatty in a small house which he had bought for a nominal Price of Rs. 7/-. The postulant was 18 years old though illiterate, She was allowed to make vows of Chasity, Poverty and obedience.

In 1854, she was followed by 3 postulants i.e., i) A young Widow ii) A daughter of the Pullikaran of Vettupalayam iii) A daughter of Arulanandam Pillai of Palghat. In 1859 the convent was transferred from Karumathampatty to Coimbatore. The object of Fr. Ravel in instituting a religious order of Indian Sisters was not only to foster the ideal of the religious life but alsHospital-1 o to promote the education of Indian girls and to secure a religious personnel for girls. Regarding this educational institution was started as to combat the popular slogan then prevailing in India that “to educate women was to pervert them”.

At present the sisters of this convent at Karumathampatty dedicate their lives to serve the needy of this locality by running a hospital. To be intact with the modern world. Computer Course are offered at low cost. They also have a tailoring institute. They render their helping hand in the Church activities.