This district is the Most Important of the Mission. It is the leading Centre which gives the tone to all other districts. People gather from all parts of the Vicariate on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Rosary, patronal feast of the Church of Karumathampatty. Though the Church is not what it should be yet its appearance is Majestic and Imposing. The annual pilgrimage is usually presided over by the Bishop of Coimbatore on the First Sunday of October. Thousands of Pilgrims gather from all parts of the Diocese to pray and to fulfill their vows to Our Lady. To make the beginning of this occasion the flag bearing Our Lady is hoisted by the V. G. Coimbatore. Novenas is held on all these feast days. Bishop of Coimbatore is welcomed from the arch with due respect and honour. A High Mass is celebrated by the Bishop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Bishop with the Pilgrims stay in this place on all these days.

On Sunday around 7 P.M. a grand and decorated car procession is taken around Karumathampatty. Pilgrim Join in this procession in order to show their due Respect, Love and Gratitude for the bountiful blessings that they had received from Our Lady. To make the end of the Celebration, the flag is lowered with great reverence o the third day.